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What is GST Registration?

GST registration stands for Good & Service Tax registration, which will apply to all India service providers, traders and manufacturers of products or services, whose turnover exceeds t Rs. 20 lakh/10 Lakh. This manner is of registration is known as GST registration. The existing taxpayers can enroll themselves under the GST database with our help. Whether you are involved in buying or selling goods or providing services, you have to register under the GST. Entities without GST registration would not be allowed to collect GST from customers. We at Tax Home help businesses to get their GST registration done in about 5-10 working days.

GST registration is mandatory for all because it will enable you to avail various benefits under the GST regime. Multiple taxes are involved under the GST. So, if you want to avoid any kind of interface with tax authorities, then timely registration is very essential. You can get a consultation and GST return filing by scheduling an appointment with Tax Home. GST rates in Delhi are different for every business. So, get the GST registration with the help of professionals at Tax Home. According to the GST act in Delhi, every business is required to have GST registration to run their business successfully.

Why should you choose GST Registration?
  • It lowers cost of administration.
  • Boosts savings and investments.
  • Lowers individual income tax rates.
  • Reduce the number of indirect taxes.
  • Transparent and corruption free tax administration.
  • Lower prices of goods and services.
  • Efficient supply chain management.

What documents will be required for GST Registration?

  • Provisional ID.
  • Partnership deed in the case if partnership.
  • Registration certification of business entity.
  • Photographs of promoter and partners.
  • Photograph of appointment of authorized signatory.

Who all need to get GST registration?

  • 1 Need to have an annual turnover of Rs. 20 Lakhs (10 lakhs for northeastern states).
  • 2 Current registration under indirect tax regimes.
  • 3 Having operations in multiple states.
  • 4 Interstate supply of goods and services.
  • 5 Engaged in supply as an agent.
  • 6 Working as a service distributer.

Our Flexible Packages for GST Registration

  • Basic

    Rs. 2,590.00
    • Migration from Current VAT/ST Registration
    • Digital Signatures
    • Inclusive of Govt Fees
    • Inclusive of all Taxes
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  • Standard

    Rs. 4,590.00
    • Fresh/New GST Registration
    • Inclusive of Govt Fees
    • Inclusive of all Taxes
    • -
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  • Premium

    Rs. 5,590.00
    • Fresh/New GST Registration
    • Digital Signatures
    • Inclusive of Govt Fees
    • Inclusive of all Taxes
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