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What is LLP Annual Filing?

Limited Liability Partnership companies in India need to file LLP Form 11 (Annual Return)within sixty days from the end of the financial year and LLP form 8 (Account & Solvency) within thirty days from the end of six months of the close of the financial year. LLPs are separate legal entities; consequently, it's far the responsibility of the partners to maintain the bills and documents to file an annual return with the MCA every financial year. It is compulsory for LLP agencies to maintain their financial year, as 1st April to 31st March.

If your company’s year turnover exceeds Rs.40 lakhs or the contribution exceeds Rs.25 lakhs, then your company is required to audit its account by a qualified Chartered Accountant. Audit of accounts is mandatory under the Income Tax Act. Tax Home can help record the yearly go backs to your LLP. LLP Annual submitting can be executed through Tax Home.

Mandatory compliance requirements to be followed by LLPs.
  • Filing of Annual Return.
  • Filing of Statement of the Accounts or Financial Statements.
  • Filing of Income Tax Returns.

Documents required LLP Annual Filing

  • 1 Statements of bank accounts
  • 2 Disclosure under MSME development act
  • 3 Copy of property papers (if owned property) or Copy of rent agreement (if rented property)
  • 4 Copy of partnership deed.
  • 5 Bill of electricity/water/telephone.

Procedure of LLP Annual Filing

  • Complete the form

    You are required to fill all the essential details in our simple questionnaire and submit the documents.

  • Submit Documents

    Send us documents and required information via mail and we will take care of the rest.

  • Verification of documents

    All the details and documents on forms are required to get verified.

  • Filing of forms

    We will file all the forms and returns with the MCA.

  • Your work is completed

    Once the return is filed, we will send you the documents and return your DSCs.

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