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1. What do you mean by Annual Filing?
– An Annual Filling is a mandatory filing to be made by the company incorporated in India. The E-form filing along with the required documents must be filed with MCA.
2. What are the penalty & prosecutions for not filing the Annual Filling?
– The Company will be considered as the defaulting company and liable to pay the penalty. The amount of penalty will depend on the number of days in default till the default continues.
3. What information is contained in Annual Filing?
– Annual filing consists of the balance sheet of the company, profit and loss account, certifications if any, details of members, details of shareholders and its shareholdings and details of Directors.
4. Who should sign Annual filling E-forms?
-The Annual filing documents of the Company must be signed by the Directors of the Company. The financial statements must be audited & signed by a Chartered Accountant.